In this upcoming year of 2010, I am going to make some profound resoltions:

1. Stop buying books on sale just because.

2. Read all those books I bought just because they were on sale.

3. Write more. I only work part-time, I have no excuse.

4. Take the GREs? I question this because I am not sure if I should even bother. So if I don’t, then stop thinking about it and telling myself I will.

5. Actually go do all those cultural things I tell myself I will do. Playing games on the internet is no excuse for missing an art exhibit.

Now, I normally never make resolutions and am even less likely to keep them. I was always the kid who cheated on my Lenten promise and if the wrath of God doesn’t invoke fear in a good Catholic child, then the fates have no hope. But I don’t want to be boring and there is nothing like the panel of questions from well-wishing (?) relatives about how you spend your time that inspires you to actually do something.


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