Monthly Archives: February 2010

How Not to Keep a House

I am scattered enough that I want to do housekeeping. I am scattered enough I want to throw on some Chopin, turn it up loud enough that the neighbors know what good taste is, and wash some windows. I might even vacuum, my most dreaded of dreaded chores. I do this when I am feeling […]

The Hungry Cat: How Not to Turn Up Your Nose at Fine Dining

A few days after my attempt to be en vogue and eat at Dish, I thought maybe I had been too critical. Maybe I was just not used to eating at fancy restaurants where eating doll-size portions are the chic thing to do. But au contraire – I was correct in my original lambaste. And […]

Dished – An Adventure in Small Plates

“I’m kind of confused,” my cousin said as we drove home. I, too, was confused. Or at least my stomach was. We had eaten an expensive enough meal, full of delicacies like oysters and wine, and yet I was far from being satiated. On a whim, I decided it was time to explore new options, […]

The First Anniversary

It has officially been over a year since I first started Proust’s Le Temps Perdu and amazingly, have the last volume to finish! This is not do to lack of interest or Proust’s writing skills, merely that Proust is difficult, temperamental, brilliant and boring all in one sentence. He is all encompassing and drives me […]