Monthly Archives: March 2010

Ready, Set, Go: Cultural Round-Up for the Undocumented Weeks

The Culture Round-Up for the Past Few Weeks: I have embarked upon the last volume of Proust’s La Recherche de Temps Perdu. I managed to read about 120 pages over the weekend (mostly while watching Nick reassemble his car – it was a good exercise, much like sitting on my porch in Berkeley (this time […]

Heaven at The Reyn?

Tacos. Tacos everywhere. There was no pho in sight. I can tell you about a million sorta good taco trucks and few pretty amazing ones. (I’m sorry El Farolito – San Franciscan Mexican food just never could compare.) I also have my secret secret place that I’ll tell anyone about if they ask – just […]

An Ode to Le Petit Cheval

If I were to write an ode on Yelp, it would be to Le Petit Cheval. Of all the things I miss from Berkeley, this is the one that both my heart and my stomach pine for. The not-quite hole-in-wall Vietnamese restaurant right across from the UC Berkeley campus (Bowditch and Bancroft) is an off […]