Monthly Archives: April 2010

Passionate Puritans, Part I

It was my junior year English class that confirmed a lot of things. It made me realize I really was destined for a degree in English, that my writing could actually improve (I was overly confident for too long – although that was not really resolved until college), and that in order to be a […]

Why the Weather

It’s spring in Southern California and it’s bleak. Not like the edgy grayness you know is about to burst into some sort of green grandeur. What flowers are out have been here all year. They’re like the local homeless guy you see all year long. You no longer have sympathy when you see them every […]

Pigeons, Crime and Jam

I was walking to my car the other day (I park half a mile from work), half day dreaming, half watching for suspicious individuals, when I looked down and saw a dead pigeon. My immediate reaction was, “This is fascinating!” and after looking at a for a few seconds, I realized why pigeons have such […]

The Proustian Bohemia

To be funemployed again! I finally am employed, but I was planning on not making that announcement here (and to add a literary triubte, I’ll only refer to it as C— like some 19th century novel). I am going to live in the bohemian ideal of the starving artist a little longer. It was in […]

Sharpe’s Peril is Our Misfortune: When British TV Goes Bad

“Not all Masterpieces are masterpieces,” my dad said in a profound tone of voice. We had just finished watching the second episode of Sharpe’s Peril, a new series on PBS’ Masterpiece Theater, which was more like a reinvented British western than the taut Victorian dramas or Austenian comedies the network usually airs. In the course […]