Monthly Archives: May 2010

Oh the Acronyms

At work the other day, one of the women (she’s a very sweet doctor originally from the Philippines) and I were talking about the Soviet Union. She wanted to know how I knew so much about it and I explained I had taken a history class entirely on the USSR while in college. “I really […]

Los Angeles v. San Francisco: We’re Not Talking Baseball

Although every San Franciscan likes to claim that their city was the first to be into good food and to have world class restaurants what they lack is the diversity and volume of Los Angeles. (At some other point, I will try to argue that with the number of immigrants from France and Italy to […]

$10 Spent on Seeds

I would like to thank my formative years for my fascination with gardening. Until the age of four, my parents lived a rural part of Long Island, New York, and there I learned about the simplicities of the land. Yes, this is the idealized version of rural life, but when you are under the age […]

Glorious Food

At dinner tonight, my uncle told a story about going to Paris and trying to find a restaurant his colleague recommended. Speaking no French, he and my aunt assumed they were at the right place, especially when after saying they had a reservation, they were ushered to a choice spot. As they looked around, they […]

When I Say Ramen, I Think Gangstas

I like food a lot. I like restaurants a lot. I like learning about food and food trends. I watch Top Chef. I have email subscriptions to websites that are for “foodies.” I enjoy reading about these restaurants I will never be able to afford, in a part of town I’m not keen towards, and […]