Oh the Acronyms

At work the other day, one of the women (she’s a very sweet doctor originally from the Philippines) and I were talking about the Soviet Union. She wanted to know how I knew so much about it and I explained I had taken a history class entirely on the USSR while in college.

“I really want to learn more about this kind of stuff,” she said, “But I never know where to look.”

Well, reading a lot helps, I told her. “And then of course, PBS has a lot of good documentaries on a wide variety of subjects.”

“Oh yes, PBS. I’ve heard about that. It stands for People, Books and Stories, right?” she asked.

I almost died laughing. I had to explain it stood for Public Broadcasting Service, but I think her explanation of the acronym is so much better. People, Books and Stories. That’s really what it’s all about.


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