Monthly Archives: September 2010

Surrealist Sidewalk #3

It was Friday. It smelled like beer. The two guys who had been sleeping on the grass were now sitting on the curb. Music was outpouring from the suitcase next to them. It sounded like something that was the opening score to a Doris Day/Rock Hudson film. I thought about the British spelling for curb […]

Travel Through the City of Cars

It was cold. Cold in contrast to the simmering heat of earlier, the occasional piece of pavement still radiating a hell-like remembrance of a Los Angeles summer. The air felt as if it should be dark, a pitch black really, as if night was the bringer of melancholy, the staging of some strange moment in […]

The Best Mexican Restaurant

If you ask anyone in LA, they will tell you about the best Mexican restaurant ever. And yet, rarely, will two people tell you about the exact same place. It’s a prerequisite to becoming an Angelino—you must “discover” that whole-in-the-wall, slightly gritty venue where whatever is placed in front of you is as close as […]