Monthly Archives: January 2011

A Haute Dog

I think it all started one night with too many gin and tonics and a long road to redemption. We were starving, in good student fashion, when the startling fact emerged: Ana had never been to Top Dog. The outpost of Berkeley absurdism, the iconoclastic example of free market enterprise catering to the marijuana-hazed students, […]

Reading Notes: December 2010

In the beginning of December, I read Peter Carey’s True History of the Kelly Gang, which recorded the “true” accounts of infamous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly in a haphazard fashion, the prose not unlike learning to ride a horse. Just as you are feeling comfortable with Carey’s rendition of Kelly’s prose, he bucks, taking one […]

The Round Up of Past Resolutions

When I look back at my list of resolutions from 2010, I’m amazed that I managed to create a real list, accomplish some of it, and then have the guts to proclaim it on the internet. And how did I do? Well here you go… 1. I bought a minimal amount of books on sale […]