The Round Up of Past Resolutions

When I look back at my list of resolutions from 2010, I’m amazed that I managed to create a real list, accomplish some of it, and then have the guts to proclaim it on the internet. And how did I do? Well here you go…

1. I bought a minimal amount of books on sale and more books on full price.

2. I caught up with the acres of unread books on my bookshelf, with a few exceptions. I still have yet to manage to read the short story collections or finish A Pickpocket’s Tale, which instead of being the dramatic story of 19th century street gangs was a litany of the various forms of torture in each institute for any form of corrections in New York City.

3. I wrote more, having joined a writers’ group briefly, dropped out after a bit of disillusionment, and blamed having a full-time job for my lack of creativity. That and going to the gym after work instead.

4. I took the GREs, both general and English Literature, applied to a few graduate schools, and decided that there is nothing wrong with being a student again.

5. I went to several museums, thanks to Nick being willing to be dragged around, and began to explore the “culinary” opportunities of the city.

Maybe 2010 wasn’t such a bad year after all… And what should I accomplish this year?


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