Monthly Archives: February 2011

Don’t Mess with My Beer

If there is one thing to know about Michigan, it is that you do not mess with beer here. I had thought that beer could not get more serious in between California and Colorado as meccas of hand-crafted, so micro-brewed it’s almost home brewed beer and Belgium and Germany as the lands of so old-school […]

My Introduction to Dearborn

I began my trip in Dearborn, Michigan, which is the same distance from Detroit as Pasadena is from Los Angeles. But the comparisons stop there. Dearborn (and Dearborn Heights) was once the mecca of Ford workers and their post-WWII brick houses. Row after row of average-ness, it’s hard not to feel the glare of suburbia […]

Why, What, When, Where: Michigan Edition

I’ve been feeling adventurous these days, and maybe it’s because I keep repeating over and over to myself that although I might not be in Kansas anymore, I’m a hell of a lot closer. Thus, I embarked on a trip, a vacation, what have you to Detroit for about a month. Due to some various […]

Wurst and Wurst

*A bit of backdating here, but that is thoroughly Proustian and thus allowed on a blog entitled, “What Would Proust Do.” After a few too many sobering rides on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system coming home from bars and the like, I decided that taking the Gold Line to Little Tokyo (which lies […]