Why, What, When, Where: Michigan Edition

I’ve been feeling adventurous these days, and maybe it’s because I keep repeating over and over to myself that although I might not be in Kansas anymore, I’m a hell of a lot closer.

Thus, I embarked on a trip, a vacation, what have you to Detroit for about a month. Due to some various life changes, I quit my job, feeling (and thoroughly knowing) it really wasn’t for me, and decided to harass Nick, who started an excellent job in the Motor City in January until I figured out what I will be doing next. I always wanted to be something akin to the Lost Generation or the Beats or some sort of literary group that wandering various foreign cities, over-living life.

Detroit isn’t exactly any of the above, but as I told one friend, it gives me street cred. Being Californian through and through, there should be some interesting observations and it should give me something to write about. It’s like travel blogging, except in a place few have thought about traveling to.

So here we go, the Californian observes Michigan, bias included…


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