Monthly Archives: March 2011

Mambo Italiano, Roman Village style

A girl came down from Napoli because she missed the sceneryThe native dances and the charming songsBut wait a minute something’s wrong But what was wrong in this charming joint, complete with red leather booths, a banquet hall, and a sign advertising their cocktail lounge? I was sitting at the Roman Village, an Italian restaurant […]

The Banquet Hall Experience

I’m beginning to learn that there is a certain image that represents a “restaurant” in greater Michigan. Driving down the highways, outside of the “downtown”, which has been remodeled (or just maintained) to look like the Americana of storybooks, there are these square buildings, often painted in “genteel” colors that boast large parking lots and […]

En Fait, Il y a Beaucoup de Musees a Detroit

Detroit may have it’s detractions, but for those on the tourist circuit like myself, it’s attractions include a surprisingly delightful array of museums that cater to a wide range of ages. The first I went to was the Detroit Institute of Art, a gorgeous art deco building that looks like it would be happy in […]