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My Own Lisbon Underground

I almost forgot two very important things about Lisbon, one of which should have been included in the last post, while the other is entirely deserving of its own post: 9. Pois, Cafe: A darling little cafe tucked on a street around from the Se, Lisbon’s cathedral, Pois, Cafe is run by an Austrian and serves […]

Highlights of Lisbon

While I might have found Lisbon like a long lost relative, lots in common but a bit difficult to approach and impossible to ever understand, it was definitely worth the visit. Here are some of the highlights: 1. Walking. Every European city offers what a true Angelino lacks: a walkable city. Lisbon is known for […]

An Introducation to Portugal

It’s been almost a month and a half since I was in Lisbon, so things are starting to fade into a giant mess of congealed memory. I am starting to think it’s one of those cities that is a conglomeration of past and present, local and international, familiar and unfamiliar. It’s a city that is […]

Strangers on a Train

26-27 March 2011 Alyson and I have had a long history with interesting train trips. Back in 2008, we had toured Italy by train, with the most interesting leg being between Naples and Palermo. We had learned that booking a bunk was not optional. So on our overnight trip from Paris to Lisbon, we were […]

Spring in Paris: a Week of Photos

Paris, France, the Week of March 21st    

The Last of Ile de Re

German Bunkers in the Distance The rest of our days in Ile de Re were occupied by more eating and more long walks. We explored the beach near Saint-Clement where there are German bunkers from WWII, eerie concrete structures covered in graffiti and driftwood. “It’s like something from Planet of the Apes,” Kat said. We […]