Photo Tour of Porto, Part I

One of the best parts of Porto was just wandering around admiring things. Porto has some hidden art nouveau and deco gems, one of which being the Majestic Cafe, where Alyson and I stopped for coffee one day. Somehow, whenever I picture myself in some sort of filmic state, it involves film noir and beautiful art nouveau and deco scenery.

Apparently, the diamond shapes above are a series of graffiti throughout the city. The graffiti on the left is one giant wall, spanning across a building across from these diamonds.

The other people on the sidewalk were just as surprised as we were to see a Portuguese motorcycle club/gang.

Alyson poses by the peacock building, near the university. The statue is near the train station and the central area of Porto. The night before this photo was taken, various guys celebrating Porto’s football win were climbing all over it.

A general store’s window and the sardine aisle at the grocery store.

City Train Tours on a street near you.
These were taken at the old covered market, which sadly is in decline. It used to be the place to buy everything, including chickens and tropical birds.
Interior of Cafe Majestic (left) and a Neo-Gothic staircase in a local bookshop.
I’m still puzzled over this statuary in the park. It looks like two bronze guys kicking another guy down the bleachers.

The interior of the train station. The murals depict some of the famous scenes from Portuguese history.


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