Photo Tour of Porto, Part 2

Porto really is a lovely city to visit, perfect for the quick jaunt to somewhere new from wherever you are in Europe. I was sad to leave, although I promised myself I would go back, the next time eager to explore even farther north where the beaches are said to be extraordinary–exquisite pieces of nature without the masses of tourists in the South–and the people even friendlier.

[Side Note: The Porto airport is one of the easiest, nicest airports I’ve ever been to. It’s a silent airport, so there are no overhead announcements. They also have free WiFi and computer stations and had a cafe that made a decent espresso, although sadly at airport prices.]

So here’s the last of my photos, which I began in this post:

The Porto Se (or Cathedral). Note the blur of the seagull at the bottom. I always seem to catch them in my photos.

The view from the Cathedral.

A seagull eating something besides trash. Amazing to see nature being nature.

The view of the Duoro from the tasting room at Graham’s.

Pieces from the Serralves Foundation exhibit on Henri Chopin and the OU magazine

Serralves Reading Room
Alyson in front of the giant trowel sculpture, Serralves Sculpture Garden
The Serralves House and fountains, which was built by the founders of the museum
The Douro at Night

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