Monthly Archives: August 2011

An August Vacation: Escaping to the Heat of the City

I felt very European this past month as I took to vacation in good August fashion. But instead of escaping the heat and oppression of the city in traditional fashion, my parents decided the perfect place to take their children was Washington D.C. Washington D.C., for those who don’t know, was built upon a swamp according […]

The Pilgrim Hawk

There have been hawks and ospreys and bald eagle nests filling my week! I was off in the Maryland countryside and saw so many birds of prey soaring around, casual sky watchers, and I was reminded of a book I read a few months ago by Glenway Wescott, The Pilgrim Hawk: a Love Story. I had […]


 I have always liked baseball, whether it was watching my brother’s Little League games or playing in the backyard with makeshift bases and bats. But despite my nostalgia for it, I hadn’t been to a game in years. I used to ardently follow the Dodger stats in the newspaper, but since year after year […]

Summer Reads So Far

The one good thing about being fun-employed once again is that I’ve been able to read a lot, even more than when I spent my lunch hour reading or way back in the days of college when time seemed unlimited. I’ve also found the website Goodreads to be a great resource for someone like me who […]

Proust or Fitzgerald? The Strange Land of Book Blurbs

“A mythic, Proustian romance…a brilliant story.” –The Times (London) I was standing in the massive line snaking through the Borders’ Close-Out sale at the local mall; it was 2pm on Friday and a strange lot of people were surrounding me, clutching their own odd picks in their arms. If I thought they were odd, they […]