Monthly Archives: September 2011

Literary Assaults: a Review of A Visit from the Good Squad

When I first heard about Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad, my immediate thought was, “I should know what good squad is.” It sounded like something my dad would say, and given that the book was about the cultural zeitgeist of the music industry, I figured it had to be a reference to […]

Blue Crabs at Courtneys

In every rural town I’ve been to whether it was in France or Portugal, or in this case, Maryland, there was the Local Establishment. It’s usually a place that survives because it offers quality food with a local flair and plenty of local color to match. So on the Monday night, we landed in Ridge, […]

Once Upon an Oyster Farm

A Real Oyster Farm There are some things in life that you never really think about where they come from. Things like roof tiles or pencil lead or pictures of cats with gigantic eyes. Of course, they were created or made somewhere by someone, some individual carefully crafting an object they make almost 365 days […]


I’m starting to believe, in good Proustian fashion, that every vacation needs a jaunt to the countryside. Perhaps it was the break I took from Paris to the Ile-de-Re? Or maybe it is just my new fascination with anything delicious and edible in backwater locations. Long ramblings short, while I was in D.C., we went […]

The Art of Baseball: the Nationals’ Stadium

Presidental Mascot Abe Lincoln with an Eagle Mascot Given that I previously wrote about how baseball is the perfect summarization of summer and that I’ve had more than one conversation with friends (mostly male) over what makes a true baseball fan,  it won’t surprise you that one of my objectives during my past trip to D.C. […]

Bicoastal Burger Wars

If you’ve been reading my various posts about hot dogs in the past, you’ve probably figured out that I love true “Americana” food. Now I have certain criteria: tastiness, freshness, price. But overall, I’m willing to try anything once. One of my friends, who’s an American but now lives in Paris, said to me recently, […]


These are some pictures I took while playing tourist in Washington D.C.: Supreme Court World War II Memorial Washington Monument (from the Lincoln Memorial) Lincoln Memorial   FDR Memorial, 11pm Waterfall at FDR Memorial Washington Monument at Night Lights across the Tidal Basin