Monthly Archives: February 2012

Fascinations for the Week of February 20th

Pay Phone Libraries appear in New York City. So much for the demise of the book, although one could argue one Luddite replaces another. I found these awhile ago, but I’m still obsessing over them. Label Ghostly International has a bunch of interesting computer wallpapers based on various artists’ drawings for album covers. I particularly like the Michael […]

Fascinations for the Week of February 13th

And what, pray tell, was interesting online this past week? Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – I didn’t do much for a winter garden this past fall, which is a shame living in Southern California. Last year, I did some sad seedlings of cauliflower and Brussels sprouts; had some success with green onions and broccoli rabe; and […]

Too Old for a Live Show?

Saturday night was the first time I’d been to a live show with a band, and not a concert, in a long time. Some of the same friends I went to Koreatown with a few weekends back invited me to go to a concert this past weekend and although I hadn’t heard much of the group before, […]

Fascinations for the Week of February 6th

Several blogs I read do a feature called “Song for a Sunday.” Given that it is edging on Tuesday, I figured it was too late for that. So instead I figured I’d put up some of this week’s fascinations. The Runcible Spoon: A food zine extraordinaire, in which Malaka Gharib pontificates and illustrates various themes on food […]

A Vermouth Shirley

When I was in New York back in December, I was inundated with cocktails, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Although I am always down for a good beer and will gravitate towards a glass of wine, it isn’t something I necessarily want when I am out. The whole reason one pays for a drink, well if […]

Linguine and Clams

For a long time I had an aversion towards linguine and clams. There was something about that fatal combination of shellfish and pasta that seemed borderline repulsive. What was probably the oddest thing about that feeling was that I love shellfish, including clams, and generally liked pasta. I can’t say loved, because unlike my old […]