Fascinations for the Week of February 13th

And what, pray tell, was interesting online this past week?

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – I didn’t do much for a winter garden this past fall, which is a shame living in Southern California. Last year, I did some sad seedlings of cauliflower and Brussels sprouts; had some success with green onions and broccoli rabe; and had a brilliant turnout of arugula. With nothing this year besides some sad looking herbs, I’m going to rejuvenate the garden and what better than a company that specializes in heirloom seeds. I can’t wait to try things like the Crane Melon, a 1920s California hybrid for the summer and random weird French lettuces for the spring.

I also read an interesting article on Steven Smith, the giant of American packaged tea in Entrepreneur. He revolutionized Stash, founded Tazo and sold it Starbucks, and most recently started Steven Smith Teamaker (which I have yet to try). It’s an interesting look at how one person changed the way Americans think about tea – well if they weren’t hippies or Anglophiles.

I’m also super excited about the new Heartless Bastard album, Arrow. They were of favorite of mine way back in college, and while this album isn’t quite as raw or hard rock, it’s an interesting evolution. You can stream it here for the rest of the week and maybe longer? I posted one of the Youtube clips here:

And also this story on PRI’s The World made me wonder if I need to reconsider my criteria for dinner party mix tape.


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