Fascinations for the Week of February 20th

Pay Phone Libraries appear in New York City. So much for the demise of the book, although one could argue one Luddite replaces another.

I found these awhile ago, but I’m still obsessing over them. Label Ghostly International has a bunch of interesting computer wallpapers based on various artists’ drawings for album covers. I particularly like the Michael Cina ones.

Mardi Gras was on Tuesday, so I made a version of this King’s Cake, which resulted in almost disaster. The cream cheese filling oozed out everywhere and ended up baking on top or in the middle of the circular cake. However, it luckily just meant it was a less uniform circle of spiced apple and cream cheese filled brioche. I omitted the cream cheese frosting after watching its counterpart go every which way, and to be honest, I don’t think it needed it. Although that did mean I couldn’t put colored sugar on it.

I also felt the need to Cajun it up and made a chicken and sausage etouffee for dinner that night. Mmmmm mmm. The resident Southerner (and amateur food critic) in the house said it was pretty authentic.

Having no resolutions for New Years this year, I decided I better give up something for Lent (if I was going to celebrate Mardi Gras, as a good Catholic I then have to celebrate Ash Wednesday). The various options I’m considering are:

1. No dessert
2. No alcohol – no that won’t work
3. Going to the gym every day
4. Stop complaining
5. Only use my computer for work (ie no wasting time on Facebook, etc.)

Obviously, I have to choose one of these. This might take awhile to decide.


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