Monthly Archives: March 2012

Fascinations for the Week of March 18th

1. The 1970 Booker winning novel Troubles by J.G. Farrell :  Brendan, aka The Major, goes to the crumbling hotel where his fiance’s family lives in Ireland. Having just returned from the trenches, the Major is not sure what is normal in this strange world of decay and turmoil. He barely knows his fiance, is not sure […]

Wanting the Cold: 4 Years Past

I keep wanting to believe its winter for some reason, despite the unseasonably warm weather. I’ve already been to several pool parties, that while were not ideal for swimming, I was able to wear summerish dresses with a pair of boots and bask in the sun, cocktail askance in hand. That’s the magic of Southern […]

Oxford Street

When I think of cities in their past forms, I like to think of them as a linear progression of buildings and fixtures. When I try to imagine what a street looked like, say 50 year ago or a 100 years ago, I think of it possessing mostly the same buildings and the same aesthetic, […]