Fascinations for the Week of March 18th

1. The 1970 Booker winning novel Troubles by J.G. Farrell

Brendan, aka The Major, goes to the crumbling hotel where his fiance’s family lives in Ireland. Having just returned from the trenches, the Major is not sure what is normal in this strange world of decay and turmoil. He barely knows his fiance, is not sure exactly how they became engaged, and soon realizes that he might have made a mistake. However, in between the crazy cast of characters including the marmalade cat, indistinguishable poor old English ladies, and unintelligible servants, the Major tries to make sense of his new world. He attempts to keep a stiff upper lip, but in the chaos of Ireland on the brink of independence, he continually lacks understanding of the actual politics. Through in a small village, this book is both hilarious, poignant, and understated in  its nuanced picture of the aftermath of WWI and 1920s Ireland.

 2. Sweet Paul magazine:

This ode to spring makes everyone want to break out the chicks and start decorating eggs. Beautiful photographs and a myriad of recipes that look startling simple and delicious, I think I might buy a print copy.

3.  Oberhofer’s  “Away Frm U”:






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