Surrealist Sidewalk: Driving Mid-City

Too long, too long, whispers the road, and I have to think back to the time I last wrote, last drove and thought: I need to write.

Technically, it is a month ago and I am on my way home. A new route to take for a new office. My new car likes new journeys and this one is somewhat scenic, scuttling along 6th street eastward from Fairfax.

It’s near sunset and during the winter the lights from the cars would glance in, shake one up in the coldness. But it is almost summer in this light and I can see some men pulling down the advertisements on a boarded up lot. Normally they are the strange posters of new sodas and new movies. I don’t know what they are pulling down. In fact, I’m not sure they are pulling, but rather they seem to be painting everything white.

I drive on and the next time I notice, there are new ads, no more white. It’s still light, but afternoon now and bright. It’s been summer for at least a week.


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