Monthly Archives: February 2013

Pomegranate Gin & Tonics and Oades Big Ten, the Liquor Store Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Since moving to Lansing this past fall, I’ve been on the constant quest to make sure I check out every local establishment (which always seems to be my priority in any city). Of course, it being a fairly small place, this has been a do-able task and luckily with my grad student workload, it also […]

Wecome to the New House

Welcome to the new home for What Would Proust Think! The layout and whatnot is still in the works, but you can find all the old posts here as well. I’m working on some new content as well, so hopefully posts will be more regular again.

Surrealist Sidewalk – Snow Edition

A Californian does not believe in snow devils. But in the land of the North, the wind picks up and blows them across. Dust devils, yes. Snow devils, no. I walked across the sidewalk, the wind picking up and blowing the snow every direction. The trees shook at me, the sidewalk, the passersby, snow glinting […]