Smoked Pulled Pork


So was the modified barbeque smoker was a success? If you’ve already started drooling over the picture of pulled pork above, you can probably guess that it was. While we weren’t sure if the two small trays of woodchips would be enough to smoke a 4lb pork butt, by adding a few handfuls throughout the 5.5 hour cook time, we were able to ensure smoky deliciousness. 

While I have made pulled pork both through the slow-cooking oven method and over a low temperature grill, nothing quite beats the char that the smoker gives the meat. The darkened edges add a succinct savory-ness lacking from the other methods.

However, the only thing to be aware of if you decide to modify your propane grill is to make sure you have enough propane on hand to last the entire cooktime. As we had a smaller pork butt, it didn’t take quite as long as most recipes specify. In fact we had reached the 140 degree mark within about 5 hours.

But all and all, I’m ready to start smoking the summer away. I think mussels are going to be next.


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