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Comfort Reading: Found in 1930s Yorkshire

I’ve been thinking about book lists a lot lately, probably because I’m far from done with what I should have already read this summer. That is one of the problems of being an English grad student — during the year, it is a mad race to try to finish every book for both your own […]

Loser Takes All in the Art of a Novella

My mother has a strange fixation upon the fact that I might end up with a gambler. Not just someone who enjoys an occasional outing to Vegas or the racetrack, but the kind you find in 50s era movies that have a haunted, burnt-out look and a cheap, crumpled suit. Of course, this is absurd […]

Smoked Pulled Pork

So was the modified barbeque smoker was a success? If you’ve already started drooling over the picture of pulled pork above, you can probably guess that it was. While we weren’t sure if the two small trays of woodchips would be enough to smoke a 4lb pork butt, by adding a few handfuls throughout the 5.5 […]

The Elusive Trashcan Smoker

As I mentioned yesterday, building a trashcan smoker was one of those lofty dreams, something I could one day recount as a kitchen accomplishment, along with making my own yogurt or putting up jam. This of course is a long tradition in my family — both sides really, whether it being my father’s graduate school […]

Summer Projects: All on the 4th of July

There is something about summer that always makes me want to do some sort of project. Perhaps it goes back to the summers, where too old to be at day camp and too young to have a summer job, my brother and I made up our own summer camp. I think we mostly did our […]

A Storm in the Port

I was with my old gin and tonic crowd this past weekend. These were the kids that I spent many a night drinking G&Ts with, thinking we were alcohol sophisticates unlike our college peers. I had my recipe down pat, then taught my younger brother the joys of drinking well (although it took a few […]

The Bane of Michigan Winters – Turnips and their Virtues

    The other day, my friend, Matt, and I were sitting in my kitchen, snacking on a loaf of French bread and various cheeses. I had pulled out the pickled asparagus I had made the previous month and as he declared it “pickle-y goodness”, we began to discuss what our top favorite vegetables were. […]