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Spring in Paris: a Week of Photos

Paris, France, the Week of March 21st     Advertisements

The Last of Ile de Re

German Bunkers in the Distance The rest of our days in Ile de Re were occupied by more eating and more long walks. We explored the beach near Saint-Clement where there are German bunkers from WWII, eerie concrete structures covered in graffiti and driftwood. “It’s like something from Planet of the Apes,” Kat said. We […]

How Many Hours Until One Starts Eating Wildlife?

Four kilometers and an hour later, we finally were in Ars-en-Re, the slightly larger town we’d been directed to from Saint-Clement. At any other moment, an hour’s walk along a bike path through marshes, with horses and donkeys grazing in the fields on either side of the path, would have been one of those delightful […]

A Glimpse of the French Countryside, All Before Lunch

Noon, March 18, Ile de Re The Ile de Re is a gorgeous, windswept island off the west coast of France. Situated across from the medieval fishing town, La Rochelle, it is both an ideal spot for the city weary looking to find the idyllic countryside and yet like the Hamptons, it is a place […]

On Arrival: How to Become the Next Lost Generation

March 18, Saint-Clément-des-Baleines, Ile de Ré, France We couldn’t tell if it was getting colder or warmer as we tramped through the fields, the endless marshes on either side of the path making it hard to tell how far we’d actually gone. The weather was glorious, if a bit overcast, and the salt air made […]