As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been reading Nathanael West these past few weeks and one of the things that struck me in his novels is the importance of the crowd upon each novel. While the crowd seems to be an important background element in Miss Lonelyhearts, being the wave that attempts to break down the […]

Lately, I’ve been reading Nathanael West’s¬†Miss Lonelyhearts and The Day of the Locust,¬†published in a neat omnibus with an introduction by Jonathan Lethem and stylized cover of black and white. While not exactly the “ideal” summer read, ending on the failures of American society at large, both books are comic in their overall defeatism and […]

I often get asked what I think about books. Not just what book I’m reading or why I like studying literature, but what the future of the format of the book is. Of course, I strongly believe the paper book is not going anywhere soon, but this then leads to questions of whether I’m a […]

I’ve wanted to go to a ghost town, well, pretty much forever. Perhaps my interest was sparked by the many books I read as a kid that suggested grandiose visions of American history. While visiting somewhere like Boston or Colonial Williamsburg would be great, there was something even more romantic and fascinating about ghost towns. […]

So it is that time of year where I haul myself (along with whomever and whatever decides to accompany me) across country. Two weeks ago, I organized my room in Michigan, packed some suitcases, loaded up the car, and drove 2600 miles back to California for the summer. People seem to think that roadtrips are […]

Since moving to Lansing this past fall, I’ve been on the constant quest to make sure I check out every local establishment (which always seems to be my priority in any city). Of course, it being a fairly small place, this has been a do-able task and luckily with my grad student workload, it also […]

Welcome to the new home for What Would Proust Think! The layout and whatnot is still in the works, but you can find all the old posts here as well. I’m working on some new content as well, so hopefully posts will be more regular again.