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Too Old for a Live Show?

Saturday night was the first time I’d been to a live show with a band, and not a concert, in a long time. Some of the same friends I went to Koreatown with a few weekends back invited me to go to a concert this past weekend and although I hadn’t heard much of the group before, […]

Judging a Book By Its Cover

I’ve been having an ongoing conversation with my friend, Alyson about what a favorite book says about an individual. It has been an interesting discussion given that the reasons why someone chooses a book often say a lot about their interests and character, as well as their state of mind when they read it. Of […]

The Art of Criticism

I was probably too harsh in critiquing my various friends who have had bands over the years. With any creative endeavor, not only is it worth it at that moment, but if you do not have faith in what you are doing, you will never move forward. You will never evolve in becoming a better […]

The Two Kinds of People

There are two kinds of people in the world: music people and non-music people. Music people are those who revel in any kind of music; they are passionate about what they love and equally passionate about what they hate; often, they have a stylistic preference, but overall their love for the brilliance of music as […]

Cultural Aspirations

I’ve been keeping my new year’s resolutions: I’ve only bought one book, Cook’s Illustrated 2002 in a beautiful leather-bound edition, and I’ve managed to be more cultural, because as all Proust devotees know, there is nothing more important in the world than CULTURE. A few weeks ago I went to the Natural History Museum’s First […]