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Fascinations for the Week of February 20th

Pay Phone Libraries appear in New York City. So much for the demise of the book, although one could argue one Luddite replaces another. I found these awhile ago, but I’m still obsessing over them. Label Ghostly International has a bunch of interesting computer wallpapers based on various artists’ drawings for album covers. I particularly like the Michael […]

The Art of Baseball: the Nationals’ Stadium

Presidental Mascot Abe Lincoln with an Eagle Mascot Given that I previously wrote about how baseball is the perfect summarization of summer and that I’ve had more than one conversation with friends (mostly male) over what makes a true baseball fan,  it won’t surprise you that one of my objectives during my past trip to D.C. […]

En Fait, Il y a Beaucoup de Musees a Detroit

Detroit may have it’s detractions, but for those on the tourist circuit like myself, it’s attractions include a surprisingly delightful array of museums that cater to a wide range of ages. The first I went to was the Detroit Institute of Art, a gorgeous art deco building that looks like it would be happy in […]

Cultural Aspirations

I’ve been keeping my new year’s resolutions: I’ve only bought one book, Cook’s Illustrated 2002 in a beautiful leather-bound edition, and I’ve managed to be more cultural, because as all Proust devotees know, there is nothing more important in the world than CULTURE. A few weeks ago I went to the Natural History Museum’s First […]