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A Haute Dog

I think it all started one night with too many gin and tonics and a long road to redemption. We were starving, in good student fashion, when the startling fact emerged: Ana had never been to Top Dog. The outpost of Berkeley absurdism, the iconoclastic example of free market enterprise catering to the marijuana-hazed students, […]

Naive Berkeley

I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of Berkeley alums lately. Sarah Shourd, the American hiker imprisoned in Iran, was released last month and in following the media around the story, I realized she along with her fellow hikers (who are still in an Iranian prison) is a Berkeley alumnus. Besides the innate pride […]

An Ode to Le Petit Cheval

If I were to write an ode on Yelp, it would be to Le Petit Cheval. Of all the things I miss from Berkeley, this is the one that both my heart and my stomach pine for. The not-quite hole-in-wall Vietnamese restaurant right across from the UC Berkeley campus (Bowditch and Bancroft) is an off […]