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The Elusive Trashcan Smoker

As I mentioned yesterday, building a trashcan smoker was one of those lofty dreams, something I could one day recount as a kitchen accomplishment, along with making my own yogurt or putting up jam. This of course is a long tradition in my family — both sides really, whether it being my father’s graduate school […]

Bicoastal Burger Wars

If you’ve been reading my various posts about hot dogs in the past, you’ve probably figured out that I love true “Americana” food. Now I have certain criteria: tastiness, freshness, price. But overall, I’m willing to try anything once. One of my friends, who’s an American but now lives in Paris, said to me recently, […]

Surrealist Sidewalk: Driving Edition

The first instruction is to hit play on the above video. There are no graphics to distract you, only the music and Francisca Valenzuela holding a hawk. Now the scene is set. I was driving through the Los Angeles suburbs, which are Los Angeles in of themselves, since the sprawl never really starts or stops. […]

Riding the Rails: Oakland to Los Angeles

Back in May, I went up to Berkeley for my brother’s graduation. I decided to stay an extra couple of days, visiting friends, and on a whim, booked a ticket on Amtrak for my return journey. Taking the train from Northern California to Los Angeles was one of those things I had always wanted to […]

A Haute Dog

I think it all started one night with too many gin and tonics and a long road to redemption. We were starving, in good student fashion, when the startling fact emerged: Ana had never been to Top Dog. The outpost of Berkeley absurdism, the iconoclastic example of free market enterprise catering to the marijuana-hazed students, […]