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A Storm in the Port

I was with my old gin and tonic crowd this past weekend. These were the kids that I spent many a night drinking G&Ts with, thinking we were alcohol sophisticates unlike our college peers. I had my recipe down pat, then taught my younger brother the joys of drinking well (although it took a few […]

A Vermouth Shirley

When I was in New York back in December, I was inundated with cocktails, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Although I am always down for a good beer and will gravitate towards a glass of wine, it isn’t something I necessarily want when I am out. The whole reason one pays for a drink, well if […]

The Summer Porch Tonic

When I was in college, I lived in a house that had a great porch. The house was on a hillside, so there was a half flight of stairs leading up to it, and down below, you could see the garden, full of lavender and rosemary and sage, that the landlady had planted in a moment […]

My Own Lisbon Underground

I almost forgot two very important things about Lisbon, one of which should have been included in the last post, while the other is entirely deserving of its own post: 9. Pois, Cafe: A darling little cafe tucked on a street around from the Se, Lisbon’s cathedral, Pois, Cafe is run by an Austrian and serves […]

Don’t Mess with My Beer

If there is one thing to know about Michigan, it is that you do not mess with beer here. I had thought that beer could not get more serious in between California and Colorado as meccas of hand-crafted, so micro-brewed it’s almost home brewed beer and Belgium and Germany as the lands of so old-school […]