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Surrealist Sidewalk: Driving Mid-City

Too long, too long, whispers the road, and I have to think back to the time I last wrote, last drove and thought: I need to write. Technically, it is a month ago and I am on my way home. A new route to take for a new office. My new car likes new journeys […]

Oxford Street

When I think of cities in their past forms, I like to think of them as a linear progression of buildings and fixtures. When I try to imagine what a street looked like, say 50 year ago or a 100 years ago, I think of it possessing mostly the same buildings and the same aesthetic, […]

Surrealist Sidewalk: Driving Edition

The first instruction is to hit play on the above video. There are no graphics to distract you, only the music and Francisca Valenzuela holding a hawk. Now the scene is set. I was driving through the Los Angeles suburbs, which are Los Angeles in of themselves, since the sprawl never really starts or stops. […]

Carmageddon, the Non-News Event of the Century

Carmageddon, the non-news item of the century was this past weekend in my lovely city of Los Angeles. For about a solid month, the media has been in uproar over the closure of the 405 freeway between the 10 and 101 freeways, blocking off the lovely corridor through the Hollywood Hills, past the Getty Museum, and […]

Travel Through the City of Cars

It was cold. Cold in contrast to the simmering heat of earlier, the occasional piece of pavement still radiating a hell-like remembrance of a Los Angeles summer. The air felt as if it should be dark, a pitch black really, as if night was the bringer of melancholy, the staging of some strange moment in […]