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Fascinations for the Week of February 13th

And what, pray tell, was interesting online this past week? Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – I didn’t do much for a winter garden this past fall, which is a shame living in Southern California. Last year, I did some sad seedlings of cauliflower and Brussels sprouts; had some success with green onions and broccoli rabe; and […]

The Black Plastic Mystery

Dearborn Heights, Michigan– On Friday, I set my gardening ambitions high and decided I would tackle the dandelions on Nick’s front lawn. I was only out there for about an hour and gave up in frustration. The Midwest dandelions are much more aggressive than their California cousins. Instead of being dainty little things, these guys […]

$10 Spent on Seeds

I would like to thank my formative years for my fascination with gardening. Until the age of four, my parents lived a rural part of Long Island, New York, and there I learned about the simplicities of the land. Yes, this is the idealized version of rural life, but when you are under the age […]