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Least Favorite Books of 2011

As I recently wrote in an email to a friend, it is hard for me to stop discussing books. This was after a simple question she had put forth about the question of the aesthetics of favorite books and what it says about an individual’s personality. It’s quite an interesting question and something that I […]

Favorite Books of 2011

In writing out the list of books I read over the past year, I realized that I never think about books chronologically. Instead, I tend to think of them thematically, regardless how disparate the ties may seem. It was strange to see the books listed chronologically – it made me think more of the events […]

The Books I Read in 2011

I’ve been trying to think of what my favorite books have been for 2011 and have been coming up short. I know I read a lot – Goodreads tells me I managed to read 57 books – which was far more than I thought I could. Nothing like lots of flying and train trips. So […]

Summer Reads So Far

The one good thing about being fun-employed once again is that I’ve been able to read a lot, even more than when I spent my lunch hour reading or way back in the days of college when time seemed unlimited. I’ve also found the website Goodreads to be a great resource for someone like me who […]

What Was I Reading?

I managed to neglect things a bit while I was gallivanting off in Europe (more on that later), but for now a summary of some of the books I’ve been reading the past couple months: Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary by Ruby FergusonAlthough Ferguson was raised in England, this her charming ode to Scottish life […]

Reading Notes: December 2010

In the beginning of December, I read Peter Carey’s True History of the Kelly Gang, which recorded the “true” accounts of infamous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly in a haphazard fashion, the prose not unlike learning to ride a horse. Just as you are feeling comfortable with Carey’s rendition of Kelly’s prose, he bucks, taking one […]

The Round Up of Past Resolutions

When I look back at my list of resolutions from 2010, I’m amazed that I managed to create a real list, accomplish some of it, and then have the guts to proclaim it on the internet. And how did I do? Well here you go… 1. I bought a minimal amount of books on sale […]