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The Elusive Trashcan Smoker

As I mentioned yesterday, building a trashcan smoker was one of those lofty dreams, something I could one day recount as a kitchen accomplishment, along with making my own yogurt or putting up jam. This of course is a long tradition in my family — both sides really, whether it being my father’s graduate school […]

The Bane of Michigan Winters – Turnips and their Virtues

    The other day, my friend, Matt, and I were sitting in my kitchen, snacking on a loaf of French bread and various cheeses. I had pulled out the pickled asparagus I had made the previous month and as he declared it “pickle-y goodness”, we began to discuss what our top favorite vegetables were. […]

The Force of the Crowd, Part 2: The Day of the Locust

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been reading Nathanael West these past few weeks and one of the things that struck me in his novels is the importance of the crowd upon each novel. While the crowd seems to be an important background element in Miss Lonelyhearts, being the wave that attempts to break down the […]

Playing Tour Guide: The Watts Towers

Back to the blogging mysteries… One of the reasons why I didn’t update the blog at all in May was because I was having too much fun playing tour guide. One of my Scottish friends and frequent partners in traveling crime, Alyson, came to visit for three weeks and I wanted to make sure that […]

Surrealist Sidewalk: Driving Mid-City

Too long, too long, whispers the road, and I have to think back to the time I last wrote, last drove and thought: I need to write. Technically, it is a month ago and I am on my way home. A new route to take for a new office. My new car likes new journeys […]

Surrealist Sidewalk: the Neighborhood in May

It’s been raining lately, raining in the Southern Californian sense when the sky becomes gloomy and there is an ever steady mist. Occasionally it increases into a downpour or tapers off into the indistinguishable landscape of clouds. I walked around my neighborhood today and took a different route than normal. I wandered south instead of […]

California Plaza – Welcome to the 80s

When it was built sometime in the 1980s, California Plaza must have been an oasis, its terraced fountains and non-colored stone. The water fall and reflecting pool must have been the megaliths of banks somehow natural. It was urban meets country. Business meets the mall. Now, Cal Plaza seems like a strange leftover. The fountains […]