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The Bane of Michigan Winters – Turnips and their Virtues

    The other day, my friend, Matt, and I were sitting in my kitchen, snacking on a loaf of French bread and various cheeses. I had pulled out the pickled asparagus I had made the previous month and as he declared it “pickle-y goodness”, we began to discuss what our top favorite vegetables were. […]

Pomegranate Gin & Tonics and Oades Big Ten, the Liquor Store Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Since moving to Lansing this past fall, I’ve been on the constant quest to make sure I check out every local establishment (which always seems to be my priority in any city). Of course, it being a fairly small place, this has been a do-able task and luckily with my grad student workload, it also […]

Surrealist Sidewalk – Snow Edition

A Californian does not believe in snow devils. But in the land of the North, the wind picks up and blows them across. Dust devils, yes. Snow devils, no. I walked across the sidewalk, the wind picking up and blowing the snow every direction. The trees shook at me, the sidewalk, the passersby, snow glinting […]

Surrealist Sidewalk, Michigan

The sidewalk looks dry, cracked, unusable from here. The trace of dust, dried up mud in the lingering winter of April travels across it and dandelions grow haphazardly. There is no landscape, imaginary or otherwise, worth traversing by foot in this land of cars. A sign blinks: POPCANDYSNACKSBEER We’re no longer in Kansas, Toto. A […]

The Black Plastic Mystery

Dearborn Heights, Michigan– On Friday, I set my gardening ambitions high and decided I would tackle the dandelions on Nick’s front lawn. I was only out there for about an hour and gave up in frustration. The Midwest dandelions are much more aggressive than their California cousins. Instead of being dainty little things, these guys […]

Mambo Italiano, Roman Village style

A girl came down from Napoli because she missed the sceneryThe native dances and the charming songsBut wait a minute something’s wrong But what was wrong in this charming joint, complete with red leather booths, a banquet hall, and a sign advertising their cocktail lounge? I was sitting at the Roman Village, an Italian restaurant […]

The Banquet Hall Experience

I’m beginning to learn that there is a certain image that represents a “restaurant” in greater Michigan. Driving down the highways, outside of the “downtown”, which has been remodeled (or just maintained) to look like the Americana of storybooks, there are these square buildings, often painted in “genteel” colors that boast large parking lots and […]