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Fascinations for the Week of March 18th

1. The 1970 Booker winning novel Troubles by J.G. Farrell :  Brendan, aka The Major, goes to the crumbling hotel where his fiance’s family lives in Ireland. Having just returned from the trenches, the Major is not sure what is normal in this strange world of decay and turmoil. He barely knows his fiance, is not sure […]

Fascinations for the Week of February 13th

And what, pray tell, was interesting online this past week? Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – I didn’t do much for a winter garden this past fall, which is a shame living in Southern California. Last year, I did some sad seedlings of cauliflower and Brussels sprouts; had some success with green onions and broccoli rabe; and […]

Too Old for a Live Show?

Saturday night was the first time I’d been to a live show with a band, and not a concert, in a long time. Some of the same friends I went to Koreatown with a few weekends back invited me to go to a concert this past weekend and although I hadn’t heard much of the group before, […]

Fascinations for the Week of February 6th

Several blogs I read do a feature called “Song for a Sunday.” Given that it is edging on Tuesday, I figured it was too late for that. So instead I figured I’d put up some of this week’s fascinations. The Runcible Spoon: A food zine extraordinaire, in which Malaka Gharib pontificates and illustrates various themes on food […]

The Art of Criticism

I was probably too harsh in critiquing my various friends who have had bands over the years. With any creative endeavor, not only is it worth it at that moment, but if you do not have faith in what you are doing, you will never move forward. You will never evolve in becoming a better […]

Musical Friends and a Review of Glen Worple

The problem of the musical friend seems to be on ongoing threat. Since high school, I’ve attended more than one not so great show/birthday party, was given various demos, and even attended a jam session or two, all in the name of friendship. These events ranged from the purely awful to the mediocre, and then […]

The Two Kinds of People

There are two kinds of people in the world: music people and non-music people. Music people are those who revel in any kind of music; they are passionate about what they love and equally passionate about what they hate; often, they have a stylistic preference, but overall their love for the brilliance of music as […]