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The Force of the Crowd, Part 1: Miss Lonelyhearts

Lately, I’ve been reading Nathanael West’s¬†Miss Lonelyhearts and The Day of the Locust,¬†published in a neat omnibus with an introduction by Jonathan Lethem and stylized cover of black and white. While not exactly the “ideal” summer read, ending on the failures of American society at large, both books are comic in their overall defeatism and […]

The State of the Library, Pop-Ups, and Generally Luddite-ness

I often get asked what I think about books. Not just what book I’m reading or why I like studying literature, but what the future of the format of the book is. Of course, I strongly believe the paper book is not going anywhere soon, but this then leads to questions of whether I’m a […]

A Vermouth Shirley

When I was in New York back in December, I was inundated with cocktails, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Although I am always down for a good beer and will gravitate towards a glass of wine, it isn’t something I necessarily want when I am out. The whole reason one pays for a drink, well if […]

Surrealist Sidewalk: New York

December 2, 2011, New York, NY I had been warned that one could pick out the tourists quite easily in New York. They would stop in the middle of the sidewalk, their necks spiralling upwards, oblivious to the other pedestrians, as they gazed up and up and up, trying to pinpoint the moment the buildings […]