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A Storm in the Port

I was with my old gin and tonic crowd this past weekend. These were the kids that I spent many a night drinking G&Ts with, thinking we were alcohol sophisticates unlike our college peers. I had my recipe down pat, then taught my younger brother the joys of drinking well (although it took a few […]

A Traveler’s Hunt Now Home

There are things that captivate you when you travel. Little minute details you try to recreate over and over at home either to remind you of that place or because in whatever way it’s an improvement. When I was in Italy in 2008, I fell in love with Italian wines. It was partially because I […]

Photo Tour of Porto, Part 2

Porto really is a lovely city to visit, perfect for the quick jaunt to somewhere new from wherever you are in Europe. I was sad to leave, although I promised myself I would go back, the next time eager to explore even farther north where the beaches are said to be extraordinary–exquisite pieces of nature […]

Photo Tour of Porto, Part I

One of the best parts of Porto was just wandering around admiring things. Porto has some hidden art nouveau and deco gems, one of which being the Majestic Cafe, where Alyson and I stopped for coffee one day. Somehow, whenever I picture myself in some sort of filmic state, it involves film noir and beautiful […]

Some Highlights of Porto

Sandeman Port Lodge 1. Port Tasting at the Graham’s Lodge. 2. Walking across the Ponte Dom Luis I. 3. Eating Roasted Chestnuts along the banks of the Douro. 4. Celebrating in the streets after FC Porto beat one of the Lisbon soccer teams.  Alyson with some new friends. 5. Drinking Sangria at a beachside restaurant. View from […]

Introduction to Porto and the Beginning of Our Farewell

3-6 April 2011 So, saying goodbye to Coimbra, Alyson and I headed up to Porto, our final destination. From there she would head back to Scotland and I would go home to Los Angeles via a brief layover in Madrid. But I was glad to have saved Porto for last. Alyson had spent a summer […]

The 20 Euro Meal

 Flag of Coimbra I realized I’ve drawn out my three week vacation in France and Portgual to three months of blog post (which are summarized so far here and here). And I’m sad to say, I’m also at the end of recounting my trip. Quinta das Lagrimas, Dom Pedro and Ines de Castro’s hideaway […]