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Proust or Fitzgerald? The Strange Land of Book Blurbs

“A mythic, Proustian romance…a brilliant story.” –The Times (London) I was standing in the massive line snaking through the Borders’ Close-Out sale at the local mall; it was 2pm on Friday and a strange lot of people were surrounding me, clutching their own odd picks in their arms. If I thought they were odd, they […]

Proustian Thoughts for June

I’ve never been much of a basketball fan, but tonight I was watched the last game of NBA play-offs between the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers. For all of my lack of interest, it was a fairly taut game, points ricocheting every direction, every moment too hard to tell who would actually win the […]

The Proustian Bohemia

To be funemployed again! I finally am employed, but I was planning on not making that announcement here (and to add a literary triubte, I’ll only refer to it as C— like some 19th century novel). I am going to live in the bohemian ideal of the starving artist a little longer. It was in […]

Ready, Set, Go: Cultural Round-Up for the Undocumented Weeks

The Culture Round-Up for the Past Few Weeks: I have embarked upon the last volume of Proust’s La Recherche de Temps Perdu. I managed to read about 120 pages over the weekend (mostly while watching Nick reassemble his car – it was a good exercise, much like sitting on my porch in Berkeley (this time […]

The First Anniversary

It has officially been over a year since I first started Proust’s Le Temps Perdu and amazingly, have the last volume to finish! This is not do to lack of interest or Proust’s writing skills, merely that Proust is difficult, temperamental, brilliant and boring all in one sentence. He is all encompassing and drives me […]