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The Horseman’s Lodge

There’s something about meat in the desert landscape. The barrenness of the world makes you crave it. You think about the intensity of flesh and the satisfaction you will have once you get it. It might have something to do with the blatant force of heat and extremes. My recent trip to Arizona was no […]

The Worst Mexican Restaurant

“Why do they have those strange ride things outside?” Mark gestured to the claw machine and tiny rockets that were painted a muddy blue. We were in Koreatown somewhere on 3rd Street and it was almost 3am. I had sworn there had to be a late-night place somewhere near by. But no one wanted pho […]

To Bike or Not to Bike: Dinner in Koreatown

In most cities, walking and driving give you entirely different perspectives of a street. In Los Angeles, most of the stores are geared to attract the motorists, the signs in colors and heights for the driver to want to stop. Most people drive to wherever they need to go, even if it is under a […]

The New British Neighborhood Restaurant

When I first moved back to the US after my year abroad in Scotland, I was shocked to find that there were certain things I missed more than their American counterparts. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I knew I wouldn’t be going back to the UK for a long time and by […]

Blue Crabs at Courtneys

In every rural town I’ve been to whether it was in France or Portugal, or in this case, Maryland, there was the Local Establishment. It’s usually a place that survives because it offers quality food with a local flair and plenty of local color to match. So on the Monday night, we landed in Ridge, […]

Bicoastal Burger Wars

If you’ve been reading my various posts about hot dogs in the past, you’ve probably figured out that I love true “Americana” food. Now I have certain criteria: tastiness, freshness, price. But overall, I’m willing to try anything once. One of my friends, who’s an American but now lives in Paris, said to me recently, […]

The 20 Euro Meal

 Flag of Coimbra I realized I’ve drawn out my three week vacation in France and Portgual to three months of blog post (which are summarized so far here and here). And I’m sad to say, I’m also at the end of recounting my trip. Quinta das Lagrimas, Dom Pedro and Ines de Castro’s hideaway […]