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The Lure of Ghost Towns

I’ve wanted to go to a ghost town, well, pretty much forever. Perhaps my interest was sparked by the many books I read as a kid that suggested grandiose visions of American history. While visiting somewhere like Boston or Colonial Williamsburg would be great, there was something even more romantic and fascinating about ghost towns. […]

A Traveler’s Hunt Now Home

There are things that captivate you when you travel. Little minute details you try to recreate over and over at home either to remind you of that place or because in whatever way it’s an improvement. When I was in Italy in 2008, I fell in love with Italian wines. It was partially because I […]

Portrait of Arizona and a Stop at La Posada

As I mentioned in my last post, it’s probably not surprising that I did eat a lot of meat while in Arizona. Arizona is one of those places that you imagine to be one small, dusty town after another. In driving from Vegas to Flagstaff, we stopped at a shack along the road advertising their […]

The Horseman’s Lodge

There’s something about meat in the desert landscape. The barrenness of the world makes you crave it. You think about the intensity of flesh and the satisfaction you will have once you get it. It might have something to do with the blatant force of heat and extremes. My recent trip to Arizona was no […]

Playing Tour Guide: The Watts Towers

Back to the blogging mysteries… One of the reasons why I didn’t update the blog at all in May was because I was having too much fun playing tour guide. One of my Scottish friends and frequent partners in traveling crime, Alyson, came to visit for three weeks and I wanted to make sure that […]

Blue Crabs at Courtneys

In every rural town I’ve been to whether it was in France or Portugal, or in this case, Maryland, there was the Local Establishment. It’s usually a place that survives because it offers quality food with a local flair and plenty of local color to match. So on the Monday night, we landed in Ridge, […]

Once Upon an Oyster Farm

A Real Oyster Farm There are some things in life that you never really think about where they come from. Things like roof tiles or pencil lead or pictures of cats with gigantic eyes. Of course, they were created or made somewhere by someone, some individual carefully crafting an object they make almost 365 days […]