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Wanting the Cold: 4 Years Past

I keep wanting to believe its winter for some reason, despite the unseasonably warm weather. I’ve already been to several pool parties, that while were not ideal for swimming, I was able to wear summerish dresses with a pair of boots and bask in the sun, cocktail askance in hand. That’s the magic of Southern […]

An Official Notice from Fall

It’s officially fall in Southern California, not that that means much here. September 21 came barreling through, promoting the upcoming days of a lusty fall complete with the updated Starbucks seasonal menu. But the sun was still shining and the palm trees looked ever so graceful highlighted by the cloudless skies, making one think about […]

Why the Weather

It’s spring in Southern California and it’s bleak. Not like the edgy grayness you know is about to burst into some sort of green grandeur. What flowers are out have been here all year. They’re like the local homeless guy you see all year long. You no longer have sympathy when you see them every […]